YES!! YES!! SWIMMING!! IN COSPLAY!! MY FAVORITE!!! and don’t come up all sassing me about waterproof grey paint, all skin is photoshoped.

in fact everything is photoshoped.

I’m not even in these photos. these photos do not exist.

squeaks does it again. 

Anonymous: hihi! your jaspersprite cosplay is so wonderful, i was wondering if you've ever done any sort of tutorial on how you made the tentacle arms/are they a pain to wear?

Thank you so much! ;w; There is still quite a bit I’d like to revise with Jaspersprite (such as adding little details I didn’t get to, or fixing those dang ears), but I’m super happy about the feedback I’ve been getting!!

I haven’t done any tutorial no, mostly because it’s actually really easy! First take a look at Jaspersprite’s tentacles here:


Now here’s a (poorly drawn) diagram to explain how I did it.

Hope this helps? ;w; And yes, they’re kind of a huge pain to wear only because you can’t use your hands wearing them. I advise cutting a small slit beneath where your hands go to slip your hands out when needed, I just didn’t have time to do that cleanly.

Title: (Lemme Tell You Bout) Homestuck

Artist: totalspiffage

Played: 77443 times


(Lemme tell you bout) Homestuck- totalspiffage [Parody of Royals by Lorde] - DOWNLOAD

Lyrics by the incredible toastyhat

I saw the lyrics and thought I MUST DO THE THING so here have thing.

We do clubs and diamonds, pitch and flush
Ask me if “troll” is how I swing… Absolutely. 
Wherever upd8s are discussed,
They’re like “see you round, that fandom’s loopy.” 

But everyone is like, god tiers, time loops, Hussie’s gonna kill you
Bloodcaste, mad clowns, pesterlogs to read through
Gotta share,
All of the feels coming from this scene
But everyone is like, Vriska, Karkat, creepy purple codpiece 
Moirails, quadrants, Striders and their man-grief
It’s not fair,
We need diagrams to draw their hair

Lemme tell you ‘bout Homestuck (Homestuck)
Technicolor troll blood
Please talk about our ships with us
We have four different types of love
And it couldn’t be cooler (Cooler)
Try it up to Act 3
I swear that it’s cool
Perfect sci-fi fantasy 

My friends and I are stuck at home
We blame one man for all our pain: Andrew Hussie
And people ask, “Is it a show?”
“An anime?” “Is there a Homestuck movie?” 

But everyone is like, LOLAR, LOWAS, Land of Heat and Clockwork,
Shipwars, fanworks, fighting over JakeDirk
Hey, we swear
We’re really not as weird as we may seem
Still everyone is like, land names, patrons, quizzes for your classpects,
Ecto-incest, neverending troll sex 
It’s not fair,
There are tentabulges everywhere

Ooh ooh oh
We visit bubbles in our dreams
We’re living through these crazy teens
Ooh ooh oh
The story’s more than I can bear
But what’s up with their freaky hair?  


i love hydrangeas


Some warmup landscapes.



An owl on a towel.

I wanna be this owl on a towel.

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